I remember my first acupuncture treatment.

I was 18, slightly anxious, wondering if it was going to hurt and if it would do any good. The treatment room was light and reassuringly clinical. I recall the acupuncturist asking me a lot of questions, covering every aspect of my life and health.

Jo Moon

I was initially tense,

When the first needle went in. I wouldn't say it was sharp as such, more dull and heavy. Shortly after I felt myself drifting off, not asleep but very calm, my breath easy. Over the next week, I saw a remarkable improvement – my eczema began to clear.

Looking back at my first experience of acupuncture, I can see how stress was a key factor in the flaring of my symptoms. Finding a good acupuncturist at the time helped me to unwind and de-stress and this in turn gave me a little space and mental perspective to begin living more in tune with my nature – giving my body what it needed to heal.

As a professional

A year later, I travelled to China and visited hospitals where acupuncture is integrated with Western medicine. This set me on course and I went on to study a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Although, I’ve been in practice for 9 years now and gained a lot of experience, I am as passionate about learning as ever.

I’m here to listen.

I’m interested in you as an individual, not just addressing your physical health but also your emotional wellbeing. Taking into account your current situation and medical history. I will work with you to help you achieve your personal health goals. Like to get started? Enquire