Are you struggling to get pregnant or stay pregnant?

Acupuncture can help you in 3 main ways; regulating fertility hormones, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and reducing stress. These in turn can influence your menstrual cycle, improve the quality of the egg or sperm and foster the right conditions for implantation and growth.

Fertility is an area that I’m truly passionate about. I’ve been helping couples on their way to become parents for the past 9 years. I know what a rollercoaster it can be but also how worthwhile.

I offer tailored fertility programs based upon your journey so far, your medical history, current research and treatment protocols.

It isn’t just about the needles either; it’s about getting the support you need, sometimes this involves nutrition and lifestyle advice and it almost always involves a good ear.

For more detailed information on current research regarding acupuncture for fertility, as well as some useful tips on planning for your best fertile health, then please contact me via e-mail.

"I had acupuncture with Jo to help me conceive as at 40 I was classed as 'mature' to become a first time mum, and I'm now the very happy mum of a six week old baby boy! Jo's knowledge and care in her acupuncture treatments are fantastic. She's constantly updating her practice and obviously has a passion for acupuncture to help with conception." Anna Humberstone

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