Modern life is full of stress; we work hard, juggling commitments and responsibility. Personal shocks, setbacks or trauma can tip us off balance.

MRI scanning has shown acupuncture to act upon areas of the brain known to reduce sensitivity to stress and pain. It effectively deactivates the ‘analytical brain’, which is responsible for anxiety and worry, which in turn helps you to relax, sleep better and feel more emotionally balanced.

From a traditional Chinese medical standpoint, the mind leads the body. Our emotions paint a picture of our current state of being. If we feel sad all of the time or agitated and irritable this would suggest an energetic imbalance. An acupuncturist should be able to recognize these signs and find the right acupuncture points for you to help restore wholeness and emotional balance.

Acupuncture can help with:

- Anxiety
- Mild depression
- Worry
- Frustration, Irritability, Anger
- Sleep problems

"After seeing you for almost 4 years I would definitely recommend her practice to anyone considering alternative treatments! I feel real improvements and it’s great to know I have another tool under my belt when it comes to health." Molly

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